SmartKids Symposium or about SMART Board Interactive Whiteboards

SmartKids Symposium or about SMART Board Interactive Whiteboards

On December 5-6, 2008, the 2nd edition of the SmartKids symposium took place in Timisoara, at the National College "C.D. Loga". The theme of this edition was "Education and new IT technologies in the Euro-region".

The symposium consisted of a competition of applications for SMART Board� interactive whiteboards and was aimed to students of classes I to XII and to teachers.

AVITECH was one of the supporters of this project, as it is the exclusive distributor of the SMART Board� interactive whiteboards, from SMART Technologies, on the Romanian market.

The event had a powerful impact on the participants, their feedback on the utility of the SMART Board� interactive whiteboards in the classrooms being extremely positive.

Extremely easy to use, the SMART Board� interactive whiteboard connects (via a USB port) to any computer able to run WINDOWS, UNIX and MAC platforms, at its own turn connected to a video projector. Through the sensitive surface of the whiteboard, any application on the computer can be activated and completely controlled simply by touching the whiteboard. Also, the writing and the drawing on the sensitive surface can be performed using the set of special markers and the PC stores the information. The result can be saved, printed or sent via e-mail. The software accompanying the interactive whiteboard is easy to use, is available in 34 different languages and is provided together with the whiteboard.

AVITECH Audio-Video, the division handling the purchase and sale of the SMART Board� interactive whiteboards, has become well established on the Romanian market as the number 1 integrator of audio-video solutions, video conferencing, digital signage, pro audio and lighting. This division provides high-performance solutions for spaces destined for business meetings, training rooms, classrooms and conference rooms.


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