Stegos – New Audio Standard for Video Conferencing

Stegos – New Audio Standard for Video Conferencing

The video conferencing solutions provided by AVITECH include a new and revolutionary product: the Stegos audio system for video conferencing from beyerdynamic.

The audio component is essential to the success of each video conference session. The system presented by beyerdynamic represents a guarantee of this success, due to its German quality, technical characteristics and ease of use. Stegos offers great flexibility to users, due to its wireless connectivity and to the performance sound interception technology.

The system consists of wireless boundary microphones for video conferencing and a receiver for boundary microphones. Stegos is being supplied with dedicated software allowing microphone parameter adjustments via a very friendly user interface.

The intelligent transmission method and the digital encryption make Stegos a reliable system that ensures complete security and privacy for each video conference session. Furthermore, the use of rechargeable batteries, up to 14-hour battery life and the low power consumption recommend Stegos as a highly eco friendly product.

Established in 1924, the German company beyerdynamic GmbH&Co. is one of the major companies in the professional audio industry. Its product range includes microphones, headsets, conference systems, and interpretation systems. Beyerdynamic develops and manufactures highest quality innovative solutions.

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