The First successful implementation of “The Classroom of the Future”

The First successful implementation of “The Classroom of the Future”

AVITECH, with support of the Canadian supplier SMART Technologies and Slatina Town Hall, successfully completed the implementation of the pilot project of the "Classroom of the Future" Program for the "Ion Minulescu" National College from Slatina. The opening event of the first classroom in the program took place on Friday, December 9, 2011, in the presence of press representatives and local administration officials. College's teachers and pupils showed the utility and benefits of the new equipment and technologies in the teaching and learning process.

The "Classroom of the Future" Program, designed by AVITECH and the Canadian manufacturer SMART Technologies, addresses to pre-university educational institutions (kindergartens, elementary schools, high-schools) and it aims to introduce cutting-edge education technologies in as many classrooms as possible. This will generate dynamism, interaction and maximum involvement of pupils and teachers in the teaching and learning process.

The program implies:

  • creation of a basic custom configuration for each classroom with SMART Technologies equipment and software. Each configuration takes into account the number of pupils in the class, classroom's sizes, the educational level, as well as institution's budget
  • carrying out trainings, held by AVITECH specialists, for the teaching staff, in view of optimum use of the new systems
  • special financial packages for the access to the best interactive systems.

Furthermore, the solution may include electronic catalog software applications, equipment and software applications for IT laboratories.

The implementation of the pilot project at the "Ion Minulescu" National College in Slatina consisted in equipping a classroom with SMART Technologies solutions for education (interactive multi-touch whiteboard, with built-in SMART Board SBX880i5 projector, SMART SRP-PE-32 interactive response system, SMART SDC-330 document camera, SMART WS-200 wireless slate), as well as in training of college teachers by AVITECH specialists for the use to the maximum possible extent of opportunities offered by the new technologies.

"Equipping our high-school with such highly efficient facilities for the teaching activity, guarantees the quality in the learning process and possibility to complexly use the capacity of teachers and pupils to provide and assimilate information. In addition, it provides us with a modern education, which our pupils, participants in various European projects, have already identified in many schools in Europe", said Mrs. Aurelia Cotoşman, Principal of the Slatina - based "Ion Minulescu" National College.

“The interactive multi-touch whiteboard allows the teacher to increase even more the quality of teaching. Pupils are fascinated by the variety of teaching activities offered by this whiteboard: from the possibility to work with audio and video materials to Internet access, from the spectacular view of the various taught knowledge to the increase of learning's interactivity and motivation degree. The teaching-learning process becomes more efficient, stimulating both learner's and teacher's creativity", said Mrs. Mariana Ceauş, German Teacher in the College.

The SMART Technologies solutions are the most recommended for differentiated teaching, equally addressing to all pupils. "No pupil resembles the other and neither learns in the same way. By using the SMART products included in this program, we want to make sure that teachers have access to a number of useful tools, so that pupils endowed with various skills, interests or training levels should experience the most appropriate ways to acquire the taught notions ", says Camelia Achelariţei, AVITECH Product Manager.

There are few educational institutions in Romania equipped with such technological equipment. In many European countries, classrooms' equipment degree with modern technology is quite high, reaching up to over 70% in the United Kingdom and the Nordic countries, while in our country the process is in incipient stage. Through the "Classroom of the future" program, AVITECH aims to support the modernization of the Romanian educational process for its alignment to international standards.

Click here for video footages from project's opening event at the "Ion Minulescu" National College in Slatina.

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