The Largest Control Room in Eastern Europe – Designed and Implemented by AVITECH

The Largest Control Room in Eastern Europe – Designed and Implemented by AVITECH

The largest control room in Romania and the Eastern Europe designed and implemented by AVITECH - the Romanian market leader in video wall solutions – has been operational at the Ericsson Telecommunications headquarters in Romania since August 2009.

The solution provided by AVITECH to the telecommunications leader allows the optimum display of all network applications and complies with all the relevant quality and operational standards in force.

The system consists of 56 rear-projection cube video walls, each cube with 50'' diagonal, and of two high-performance controllers for image playback and manipulation. The system’s architecture is based on three cube structures (two side structures made of 12x2 cubes, plus a central structure of 4x2 cubes), separated by 2x2 Sony LCDs. Both the cubes and the controllers are signed by the Canadian manufacturer Christie Digital, the market leader in the supply of professional video solutions for fields such as business, entertainment and industry. The Christie Digital systems are ideal for command and control centres and for digital cinemas.

One of the main advantages of the system owned by Ericsson is the efficient and the high quality display of information and the 24/7 operation.

Ericsson is the world’s leading manufacturer of telecommunications equipment and the global provider of related services for mobile and fixed telephone networks operators. Over 1,000 networks from more than 175 countries use Ericsson equipment and 40% of all mobile calls are made via Ericsson systems. Ericsson is one of the few companies worldwide to provide complete end-to-end solutions that are fully compliant with all the mobile communications standards in force.

I would like to receive further details regarding videowall solutions provided by AVITECH