“The globalization of education and new technology''- Conference

“The globalization of education and new technology''- Conference

On Saturday, the 31st of March 2012, the Bucharest Teacher Training Centre (TTC) hosted the national conference “The globalization of education and new technologies” that was organized in partnership with AVITECH. The event’s purpose was to inform pre-university education teachers about the advantages of using the latest technologies and educational platforms.  More than 60 pre-university representatives attended this event.

The two sections of the event consisted of: “Obstacles and solutions when using educational software” and “Use of modern educational technologies”.  

The event began with a presentation of the AVITECH portfolio of educational solutions and programs and various references thanks to whom we are considered the most important integrator in this field were also mentioned.

The main subject of the presentations was represented by SMART Technologies solutions for the pre-university environment. Among the products that were presented, we mention: SMART Interactive Whiteboard, SMART Interactive Table, Interactive displays, educational software SMART Classroom Suite, SMART Notebook, SMART Sync, SMART Document Camera, SMART Interactive Response System and  Wireless SMART Slate.

The demonstrations that were performed during the presentation offered the teachers a possibility to interact with the new teaching and learning methods.

During the conference, there were also presented educational programs especially designed by AVITECH in partnership with SMART Technologies for pre-university education institutions (kindergartens, schools and high schools), namely: “The class of the future”, “A-Mark lessons” and “Exemplary Teacher”.

Being a promoter of a modern and interactive educational environment, AVITECH emphasized along its presentations the importance of collaboration within the educational system through the technologies offered by the prestigious Canadian company. The interactive products and solutions SMART Technologies presented by AVITECH specialists managed to get all the participants attention.

At the end of the event, AVITECH organized a raffle for the participants and offered Beyerdynamic headsets as prize.

The Bucharest Teacher Training Centre is an active and innovative resource center oriented towards the formation and professional development of the staff from the pre-university educational system in Bucharest. Through the diversity of activities performed, the Bucharest Teacher Training Centre reveals itself as being a promoter of change, a real space of integrating Bucharest pre-university education into the European context.

I would like to know more about SMART Technologies products.