The National Emergency Telemedicine System Extended Throughout the Country

The third stage of the national emergency telemedicine system implementing process has been successfully completed. The main objectives concerning this stage have been the system expansion in several counties, the majority in the eastern part of Romania, performing upgrades in a series of locations, and relocating multiple systems in other hospitals. The project's complexity was managed in an optimal way through the involvement of several companies, which offered dedicated solutions.

AVITECH provided video conferencing systems, accompanied by full services: design, installation, commissioning, training and service.

In Iasi was created a new regional center for the east region of the country and the center from Targu Mures, built by AVITECH in the first phase of the project, was reconfigured and moved in a new, modern location. There were created 38 new locations, of which 26 connected to Iasi Regional Center, 10 to Bucharest and 2 to Targu Mures. Moreover, the systems from 8 hospitals connected to Targu Mures have been relocated in other cities.

The Regional Centers have been equipped with two FullHD video conferencing systems, two LCD displays, digital video recorder, high-performance workstations, control system with touch screen, special lights for video conferencing, audio system, audio-video and communications  infrastructure, professional furniture, ergonomic type dispatching.

All the other locations benefit from FullHD video conferencing system, LCD display, additional camera for PTZ type observation, PC workstations and communications infrastructure. The video conferencing system is integrated with dedicated medical equipments.

Raed Arafat, the Health Minister, declared: “Telemedicine helps, firstly, to relieve the emergency system.  We will better manage the serious cases, we will know which patients need to be transported to a center in the country and we will reduce, as a result, medical errors. Romania holds at the present time, the most complex telemedicine system in Europe".

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