The New Generation of Loewe Connect - Innovation and Elegance

The New Generation of Loewe Connect - Innovation and Elegance

The new generation of premium Loewe Connect sets, available from AVITECH´s SmartHouse Division, surprises by the attention paid to details and by the extraordinary technological potential: 100Hz frequency, Internet radio connection, and a new Media Player.

The new Loewe Connect addresses to clients attracted by modern style and who love brand new technologies. The television sets keep only the heavily awarded design from the old models. In addition, they have a bright Full HDTV image and the possibility to connect memory sticks, card readers, hard disk units and digital cameras.

Furthermore, the product integrates the PhotoViewer software that allows visualisation of digital photos (JPEG) at a HD Video quality rate of 1920 x 1080 pixels, a new Media Player that ensures access to radio stations via Internet and to different digital storage environments for photos, tracks and video clips.

Loewe Connect now has a VGA port in order to connect to PCs, thus allowing the viewing of PowerPoint presentations. The product is available in 3 colours (High Gloss White, Chrome Silver and High Gloss Black) and the screen is available in one of three dimensions: 32", 37" and 42".

Loewe is a luxury German brand, providing home entertainment systems and meeting the most exquisite requirements. The range of Loewe products includes LCD television sets, audio and peripheral systems (DVD, Blue-ray Player, remote controls). The Loewe equipment differentiates through high quality materials, unique design, a variety of colour options, a wide range of setting options and perfect images and sound.

Due to its SmartHouse division, AVITECH has become the first and most important company in Romania developing the smart house concept. A smart house is based on an integrated management and control system for the entire electrical and electronic equipment designed for security, lighting, air conditioning, audio-video and Hi-Fi components in a home. The offer consists of cutting-edge solutions and equipment: TV & Video, Home Cinema, Multi-Room Audio & Hi-Fi, Lighting Control, Automation and BMS, Security, Home Networking (computer networks and Internet access), and HVAC.

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