The New Generation of Loewe Media Players

The New Generation of Loewe Media Players

AVITECH introduces the new generation of Loewe media players (Network Media Player 2000 - NMP 2000), specially designed for Individual 32-52 and Connect 26-42 Media.

It represents the best solutions when listening to music, watching a film, viewing photos saved in a PC or in the NAS system.

The Loewe Media Player provides an addition of comfort and functionality. It stands out by easy installation, use and interconnection with the rest of A/V equipment in the house.

In the same time, unlike similar products, Loewe Media Player runs a much greater number of media formats (audio, video and photo).

Loewe is a luxury German brand, providing home entertainment systems and meeting the most exquisite requirements. The range of Loewe products includes LCD television sets, audio and peripheral systems (DVD, Blue-ray Player, remote controls). The Loewe equipment differentiates through high quality materials, unique design, a variety of colour options, a wide range of setting options and perfect images and sound.

Through its SmartHouse Division, AVITECH is the unique distributor of Loewe equipment on the Romanian market and the first company in Romania to develop the integrated concept of smart house. The division includes departments specialized to ensure the design, execution, configuration and implementation of any system, regardless of size or complexity.


I would like to receive more details about Loewe products.