A new series of intrusion detection panel from Satel - VERSA

A new series of intrusion detection panel from Satel - VERSA

AVITECH presents new products pertaining to the intruder alarm systems field - The VERSA control panel series from Satel, which stands out through simplicity and originality in programming and through a user-friendly interface.

The VERSA series is designed for small type of installations, both commercial and residential. The characteristics recommending this intruder control panel gamma are: its ability to expand, both hardwired and wireless, and the ability to accept a large variety of media formats for communicating.

The VERSA series includes:
- 3 control panel models: VERSA 5, VERSA 10, VERSA 15;
- 2 keypads: VERSA-LED-GR and VERSA-LCD-GR;
- 1 metallic case: VERSA-OBU.

Satel, one of the main actors in the security industry, specialised in designing, manufacturing and distribution of intruder alarm equipment, is present on the market since 1990. Perfect professionalism, cutting-edge technology and continuous research activity allow the company to provide a quick and efficient answer to the market needs and evolution.

AVITECH, by its Systems division, is specialised in providing professional solutions in the fields of security systems, electric installation - low and medium voltage, and automation. The division includes a specialized department, which insures the design, execution and configuration of any system, regardless of its complexity or dimension. Furthermore, AVITECH Systems promotes top technologies from countries with tradition in the field, such as Israel, Coreea, the United States of America, Great Britain and Japan.


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