Videoconference System For 75 Locations Of The Romanian Border Police

AVITECH has successfully implemented a complex video conferencing system that provides communication between 75 offices of the Border Police (Romanian P. F. R.). The network carried out is one of the biggest of its kind in our country and integrates state-of-the-art technology. Furthermore, the network has been integrated into the national system of video conferencing of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

At headquarters has been fit-out a special room for video conferencing dedicated to training sessions, meetings, ad hoc work groups, etc. The images are transmitted using an automated video system that provides the ability to see the presenter during the presentation. In addition, the hall was equipped with a special lighting system for video conferencing.

The presentations are carried out using an interactive system. The presenters also have at their disposal a document camera by the use of which they can transmit the images of various objects or documents to be displayed and explored directly on the interactive whiteboard.

All systems can be centrally managed by means of a touch screen type display panel.

In each of the locations in the territory, AVITECH has installed: HD video conferencing terminal, HD camera, LCD display and interactive presentation system. Both the display and the interactive whiteboard are connected to the video conferencing system.

The system is configured in such a way that it allows access to video conferencing sessions also from smart phones, tablets or laptops.

Having approximately 3,150 kilometres of borders in responsibility, the Romanian Border Police makes sustained efforts to prevent and fight against cross-border criminal activities and for the implementation and observance of the laws, in such a way that, at Romania's borders, the activity can be brought in line with international standards.

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