Virtual reality sistems for Transilvania University of Brasov

The Research and Development Institute of Transilvania University of Brasov benefits from haptic virtual reality and full immersion virtual reality systems integrated by AVITECH. The systems are meant to the scientific research activities and advanced university training and allow the generation of virtual reality environments, movement tracing, haptic interaction, brain-computer interaction and 3D stereoscopic visualization.

The implemented systems contribute to creating a high-performance work environment for researchers, students and specialists from IT and medical domains. Among the components of the haptic virtual reality system are included the autostereoscopic visualization sub-system, eye tracking subsystem, haptic interaction sub-system, reflexive passive parts movement tracking with infrared camera sub-system, senzorial sub-system of brain–computer interfacing, work station.

The main role of the full immersion virtual reality system offered by AVITECH is to provide the user with the feeling of being present in the virtual environment. The equipments used for this system are the following: 3D projection sub-system, visualization sub-system with projection screen and active stereoscopic glasses, movement tracking sub-system with software, video cameras and peripherals, haptic interaction sub-system, navigation system, work stations. The component sub-systems were individually tested, subsequently being mounted at the beneficiariy’s headquorters  according to the agreed requirements.

Created through European funding and Transilvania University’s contribution, the Institute is mainly focused on scientific research in the sustainable development domain, being unique in Romania. Within ICDT will eventually function 22 scientific research centres, an interdisciplinary doctoral school, including masters programs as well. The complex will comprise 11 buildings in which will function laboratories and another one meant for educational spaces. All are made according to the high authonomy building concept and some of the solutions implemented here represent new elements at the European level.

I would like to know more about the solutions offered by AVITECH for the research-development activities.