Vocollect is AVITECH partner for “pick by voice” solutions

AVITECH adds to its portfolio the Vocollect solutions to automate the process of picking in warehouses, based on voice recognition.

Vocollect is one of the pioneers in the speech recognition technology and it has developed a series of solutions recognized as the best in the industry. The software used by Vocollect is able to accurately recognize various voices, regardless the factors that might influence this process: idiom, operator’s language features, ambient noise, etc.

In terms of hardware solutions, Vocollect provides dedicated equipment: portable terminals, special headsets with microphone, having various features depending on environmental conditions in which they are to be used.

The main advantage of using "pick by voice" solutions is that the operator has both hands free, resulting in a more efficient and faster process of picking goods. The worker is equipped with a headset with microphone connected to a portable mini-computer. It receives commands from WMS, voice operations are confirmed vocally and they are automatically recorded in the system.

Vocollect has over 20 years experience in the field of voice recognition technology and it is one of the leading solution suppliers in this area. In early 2011, Vocollect has become a business unit of the famous manufacturer Intermec.

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