3D and Virtual Reality Systems

3D and Virtual Reality Systems

AVITECH offers from simple software applications and 3D projection to virtual reality integrated solutions, of high complexity, which involves user’s immersion of "virtual room" and "tele-immersion" type.

3D interactive software

  • Display 3D content at a very high level of realism in various types of displays
  • Create 3D content. By the help of a simple interface, the application allows users with low programming experience to create customized virtual environments in just a few minutes. For the experienced users needing to develop a specialized content, this application is more complex and includes special modules
  • Publishing and transmitting 3D content online in real-time (videos, avatars, 3D environments, voice, chat, interactive 3D objects)
  • Motion Capture
  • Interaction with 3D content


  • Display systems (tablets, smartphones, 3D video projection systems, 3D displays, stereoscopic screens, curved projection screens, virtual rooms, autostereoscopic displays, holograms, simulators)
  • Movement Tracking Systems
  • Haptic and force feedback equipment (chairs, gloves, jackets, bass-shakers)
  • Control and interaction devices (VR glasses, HMD's, head trackers, motion trackers, virtual gloves, 3D controllers, joysticks, trackballs, keyboards)
  • Augmented reality devices (glasses and tablets)
  • 3D scanning and printing devices

Pre-configured virtual reality laboratories

To take full advantage of 3D and virtual reality systems we propose turnkey solutions in the form of pre-configured labs that integrate both software and hardware. These have the great advantage of comprising all the components required to perform the most various 3D and virtual reality experiments.

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