Automatic Identification and Data Capture

Automatic Identification and Data Capture

The Automatic Identification & Data Capture – AIDC – solutions provided by AVITECH are based on barcodes and radio frequency identification technologies (RFID).

Configured according to specific customer needs, they include the full range of equipment, software and services necessary for making the best use of the benefits conferred by the use of such solutions.

AVITECH solutions are made available to customers by a team of professionals with extensive experience in this field, and are including equipment from most renowned manufacturers in the industry.

  • Fixed, portable or embedded equipment 
    • readers
    • terminals
    • scanners
    • printers for barcodes, smart tags, receipts and cards
    • computers
  • Equipment dedicated to work in industrial environment
  • Tags
  • Antenas
  • Communications infrastructure, including wireless broadband transmission equipment
  • Dedicated software for data and equipment management

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