AVITECH is among the most important integrators of complete automation solutions and Building Management Systems (BMS).

Implementing BMS in a building ensures the overall control of the working environment, bringing major benefits, such as:

  • It diminishes the electrical power costs
  • It reduces the administrative costs
  • It decreases the maintenance costs of equipments
  • In case of renting, it  increases the value of the building, because it becomes a "green building"
  • It obtains a high level of comfort due to the possibility of centralized control and monitor of the building from remote locations
  • It enhances the productivity by obtaining detailed comfort parameters which are specific to the activities performed
  • It identifies, in due time, the eventual malfunctions of the installations and systems
  • It minimizes the intervention time needed for the maintenance teams to repair the damages
  • It expands the life time of the installations and equipments

The great advantage of a BMS is represented by the fact that all the electrical and mechanical equipments of a building, and sometimes of the neighboring area of the building, can be controlled on a centralized level. These includes:

HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning)

  • Electric and heating metering systems
  • General distribution panel and individual electric panels for users
  • Electric group set
  • Elevators systems
  • Lightening, shading and sun protection systems
  • Security and safety systems (video surveillance, control access, fire detection, etc.)
  • Other devices and equipments

The usability of the BMS solutions is very large - from industrial spaces (iron&steel plants, factories, werehouses etc) office buildings, , hypermarkets, shopping malls, to hotels, banks, educational institutions, hospitals, residential buildings.


  • Monitor in real time the status and the value of the parameters of the system
  • Control the parameters in order to get the desired values by the user
  • Register, at time intervals preset by the operator, the values in the database of the systems, and use this data in order to generate periodic reports
  • Flag the warnings in case of malfunctions of the monitored subsystems
  • Display the information generated by the system in an intuitive managerial software, easy to operate.
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