Unified Communications

Unified Communications

AVITECH started to implement videoconference systems in 2001, being one of the pioneers on the relevant market in Romania. Since 2001 and up to the present, the company has been number one on the videoconference solutions market in Romania.

Face to face meetings, so necessary for any organization, can nowadays be successfully replaced by videoconference systems, allowing the organization to save resources, increase productivity and gain multiple competitive advantages.

The AVITECH offer for videoconference and telepresence solutions is complete, including equipment from the largest producers in the world:

  • Telepresence systems
  • Videoconference end-points
    • Group systems
    • Personal systems
    • Specialized systems
    • Codecs
  • Video servers (MCU)
  • Infrastructure solutions
    • ISDN/IP Gateway
    • IP Video Recorder
    • Video Communication Servers
  • Management systems
  • Peripheral equipment and accessories
    • Videoconference lights
    • Web cameras
    • Wide angle cameras
    • Multimedia equipment
    • Displays
    • Video-projection systems
    • Audio systems
    • Control systems
    • Furniture


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