Suppliers Control Rooms

Christie Digital is the market leader in providing professional video solutions for cinema halls, large audience halls, control rooms, formal presentations, education and media. The company Is recognized for having installed over 750,000 video projection solutions worldwide.
Crestron is the world leader in the production of advanced automation and control systems, offering integrated solutions for controlling audio-video systems, IP networks and PCs. Crestron equipment can be integrated in boardrooms, conference rooms, performance halls and housing units.
German company Eyevis manufactures and supplies a wide range of solutions and equipment, such as LCD displays, DLP projectors, video wall solutions for dispatcher rooms, professional ESP projectors, video management software, professional accessories etc.
Founded in 1982, American company Jupiter Systems has a history of over 27 years in supplying video processing solutions that satisfy the demands of customers from fields such as security, defence, transportation, industry, public utilities, education and business communication.
Kramer Electronics is the world leader in manufacturing equipment of audio and video signal broadcasting: distributors, switches, signal amplifiers and processors. Kramer equipment can be found in a variety of applications from simple solutions to complex integrated systems, residential solutions etc.
With over 20 years of experience, Lund Halsey is recognized as market leader in the design, manufacture and installation of technical furniture. The Lund Halsey furniture provides definitive solutions for control rooms, television studios, security rooms and NOCs.
Mitsubishi Electric proposes, through its presentation facilities division, a full range of professional video-projectors and displays. The Japanese company is renowned for the quality of its equipment and is the preferred option for many users.
RGB Spectrum is one of the leading manufacturers of equipment dedicated to industrial and military audio and video applications. The company builds a wide range of products such as multi-image processors, multimedia displays, video codecs, digital recorders and switchers.
Founded in 1938, Samsung has as main object of activity the production of electronic and IT equipment. Currently, Samsung is one of the world's leading manufacturers of liquid crystal displays and new generation mobile phones.