Data Security

Data Security

One of the major characteristics of a modern society is its informatization. In their turn, information systems are characterized by increased vulnerability, proven by the large number of unauthorized accesses to organizational and institutional data.

The seriousness of such a phenomenon is all the more important given that information systems may serve vital areas of any society, from the military  hospitals and transport to banks and stock exchanges.

Internet or Intranet access and the poor training of some IT & C administrators, operators or users may generate breaches into information systems at any times.

Thus, data security becomes a major concern for all sectors of the information society, because information is one of the most important resources of any institution. This is why data security solutions are undergoing significant evolution very fast.

AVITECH provides its customers with high-skilled specialists, capable of designing the best solutions for each particular situation, irrespective of its complexity, for the best data and information protection.

The company’s offer includes the following solutions and services for data security:

  • Routers/firewall configuration
  • Installing and configuring login servers
  • Installing and configuring antivirus software
  • Backup and data storing solutions
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