Being basic elements for building safety, audio and video intercom systems have as main functions the selection of people with access right and management for initial evacuations in case of emergency.

The technologies used in configuring intercom systems and their integration with other security systems provide a multitude of applications. Among the results obtained by using  these solutions there are included the reduction of unauthorized breaches, diminishing of intrusion attempts and also protecting and increasing staff efficiency.

By using an AVITECH intercom system all the entrances can be controlled from a single location, remotely, providing the possibility of easily transferring the responsibilities to another area, operation required in hospitals, public institutions but also in business centers, factories and warehouses.

The AVITECH offer includes:

  • Outdoor and indoor units for residential, commercial and industrial domains
  • Help and information points for highways, public transportation routes and stations
  • Evacuation in case of emergency units
  • Industrial units
  • Communications infrastructure
  • IP video intercom interface
  • Blocking mechanisms and access keys
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