Intrusion Detection

Intrusion Detection

The intrusion detection and alarm systems proposed help ensuring the security of people and  goods 24 hours a day. They represent an important measure to discourage intrusion attempts in the security areas, and where necessary, alerts in a secure and fast manner the intervention teams indicating the area in which they occur.

To meet the specific needs of your business, we can integrate the intrusion detection systems with the video surveillance, access control and security systems. Thus, on alarm triggering there can be transmitted prerecorded messages to predetermined telephone numbers or the CCTV system may be signaled to switch on the monitors  the video cameras that monitor the area where the burglary attempt occurs.

The AVITECH offer on intrusion detection includes:

  • Control panels (wired, wireless)
  • Keyboards (LED, LCD)
  • Motion detectors (PIR, MW, dual)
  • Glass break detectors
  • Optical and acoustic alarms
  • Dispatching and management software
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