Suppliers Pro Audio & Lights

Alustage is the world leader in manufacturing professional systems and musical instrument racks. The company offers its customers the most advanced professional equipment capable to ensure maximum user safety.
Founded in 1924, the German company beyerdynamic GmbH & Co. is one of the most important companies on the professional audio equipment market - headphones, microphones, conference systems. Beyerdynamic develops and manufactures innovative solutions of the highest quality.
Biamp is the largest vendor of professional digital audio equipment: digital sound processors, mixers, amplifiers, processor control software. Biamp equipment is integrated into systems that can be installed on airports, arenas, courtrooms, universities, corporation venues etc.
Clay Paky is a reference brand in the world of professional lighting systems. Professional sectors using Clay Paky equipment are: theatre, television studios, clubs and discos, shopping centres, parks, industrial showrooms, conference rooms, car showrooms etc.
JB Lighting supplies professional control and lighting equipment. Today the company is selling a wide variety of equipment such as moving lights, LEDs and lighting consoles and dimmers, media servers, accessories etc.
Kramer Electronics is the world leader in manufacturing equipment of audio and video signal broadcasting: distributors, switches, signal amplifiers and processors. Kramer equipment can be found in a variety of applications from simple solutions to complex integrated systems, residential solutions etc.
Meyer Sound company, with its extensive experience in audio industry, is the best manufacturer of high-end loudspeakers. Meyer Sound manufactures fully integrated systems, speakers with built-in amplifier which distinguish themselves by their excellent sound pressure and clarity.
With a history of over 75 years of experience, Telex is one of the largest manufacturers of professional equipment for communications. Telex equipment can be integrated into systems designed to serve military bases, government and educational institutions, social welfare and medical centres a.s.o.
With a history of over 100 years, Yamaha is business leader and developer of a wide range of services and products: musical and audio-video instruments, products  related to information technology, new media services, home furnishings, automotive parts, music schools etc.
Zero-88 builds and supplies professional control and lighting equipment for thousands of customers worldwide. The range of products marketed by Zero 88 includes: consoles and dimmers, lighting fixtures, control equipment, visual software etc.