Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

Being an important part of the integrated security systems, the video surveillance solutions allow real-time monitoring of people and events within the premises, access paths and areas.

The range of equipment and our specialists' expertise recommend us to design, configure and install video surveillance systems, from those meant to small surface areas to large, complex projects such as office buildings systems, retail networks and strategic objectives, urban traffic control systems, metropolitan areas surveillance systems and solutions for high buildings and industrial sites.

AVITECH has a full range of video surveillance and monitoring equipment:IP and analog cameras - box type, dome, Zoom, PTZ, IR

  • Thermal Cameras
  • Storage Media - DVRs, NVRs, NAS devices, Servers
  • IR Illuminators - internal, external
  • Cameras housings and brackets
  • Videoservers
  • Communications infrastructure, including broadband wireless transmission equipment
  • Displays for monitoring rooms, video walls
  • Software applications for video analysis, dispatch, management
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