Expo Business Park, Bucuresti

Expo Business Park, Bucuresti
About the project

AVITECH concluded, in April 2020, the works at the low voltage installations within EXPO Business Park project, situated in the North-West part of Bucharest.

EXPO Business Park is the newest investment completed in Romania by Portland Trust – real estate developer and assets administrator with offices in Prague and Bucharest.

The project consisted in the development of 3 office buildings with a net rental area of 38000 sq.m. and an underground parking, on 2 levels with an overall capacity of 600 parking lots. More specifications can be found here..

The architect assigned for this development was the company Chapman Taylor.

Inside the project, , AVITECH was contracted to design and perform the low voltage electric installations:video surveillance, breaking in detection, vehicle and pedestrian access control, fire detection systems, BMS automations and IT&C infrastructure related to these installations. Moreover, some fire extinguishing systems with gas were installed, for the technical rooms.

  • Client BOG’ART
  • Objective Expo Business Park, Portland Trust
  • Completed January 2020
  • Systems Security, Fire detection, BMS automations
AVITECH solutions

The North-West area of Bucharest is going to be, during the next years, a prosperous business centre, including office buildings, top hotels, shopping centres, residential buildings along the existing infrastructure with parks, sport arenas, universities, exhibition centres.

The Portland Trust wanted to build one a modern complex of office buildingswhich provides people with the facilities required for productive activity in a healthy working environment - large common spaces, natural lighting, comfort, security and safety. At the same time, people should have the possibility to access easily quality services such as financial, medical ones, fitness and restaurants.

Another important aspect aimed during project development was power efficiency: minimum power consumption for increased comfort, low impact of the building on the environment.

In this context, the role of AVITECH was to design and execute low current electrical installations in accordance with the beneficiary's requirements, both from the point of view of the efficiency desired for the systems and imposed by the building category and regarding the constraints related to the budget of the investment.

With more than 20 years of experience in installing and integrating various low voltage systems for buildings and having numerous solutions available - not being constraint by the usage of a certain technologyour company a choose a mix of high quality systems and proven reliability for essential infrastructure and very good price / performance systems, in order to be included in the allocated budgets.

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  • Fire Detection System Schrack Seconet composed of 6 exchanges connected in the network over 5,100 elements (65 loops, 4,569 detectors, 11 piping detectors, 246 buttons, 266 sirens);
  • Pedestrian access control system and burglary detection composed of 6 UTC exchanges, readers HID quick automatic gates dormakaba;
  • Vehicle access system for parking with solution for identifying the license plates (LPR) Metrici, video intercoms for visitors Aiphone and Came barriers;
  • Video surveillance system with 115 Hikvision cameras, video management software (VMS), QuognifyIT infrastructure Fujitsuvideo display solution for NEC dispatch;
  • Video-intercommunication System system for the communication between the 14 elevators and the dispatch;
  • Video-intercommunication System Aiphone with 13 outside stations and 5 inside stations;
  • Integrated Security Systems (PSIM) Advancis for managing and interconnecting the fire detection, video surveillance, access control and BMS systems;
  • BMS Automations Systems Honeywell for operation monitoring and control of the buildings’ installations (electrical installations, lighting, ventilation system, defrost system, water supply system, green space irrigation systems, fire extinguishing system with water sprinklers, hydrants, sewerage system, smoke extraction system, fire detection and signaling system, access control system, burglary detection system), systems back-up associated. The BMS system also has the essential role of monitoring the power consumption in the common and separate areas, in the tenants’ areas
  • IT&C infrastructure support for low current installations Fujitsu, Fortinet, R&M;
  • Fire extinguishing systems with gas for technical rooms Wagner.
Services offered by AVITECH

Within the project EXPO Business Park, AVITECH provided full range of services: Designing all low voltage electric installations Purchasing and delivering the required materials, accessories and equipment, Installing the equipment with its own personnel and sub-contracting partners to perform the wiring works, Commissioning the contracted systems.

We paid special attention to Integrating the buildings' systems, the tenants’ systems with those of the building to ensure fire protection, vehicle and pedestrian access, BMS automations.

For the systems installed, AVITECH provides a a warranty of 5 years.Moreover, our company provides maintenance services for the installations technical support.


Following the completion of the construction, EXPO Business Park buildings obtained the environment certification BREEAM OUTSTANDING, being the first office building development in Romania to receive this title.

Through the chosen, installed and integrated systems, AVITECH has made an important contribution to

  • Increasing the value of the investment;;
  • The comfort offered to tenants;
  • Security and safety of the tenants;
  • Easy administration of the low voltage systems and installations;
  • Operating the buildings with low costs.

Our company has proven one more time that it is one of the low voltage contractors from Romania, able to sustain and manage, with its own resources,an important and complex project.

Similar, reference projects

Over time, AVITECH has contracted and executed low current electrical installations for other office buildings such as Floreasca Business Park, Hermes Business Campus, Iulius Town Timisoara, Multigalaxy 1, Multigalaxy 2, Nusco, Palas Iasi, Unirii View, Vivo Cluj Napoca.

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