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Consulting Services

We employ over 49,000 dedicated employees scattered in 20 countries around the world.

Technological Advising
Technological Advising is a service focused on helping customers to create and sustain values at the key intersection of business and technology.
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Valuable Ideas
To come up with valuable ideas, we have to explore all the possibilities and potentials considering our customers' conditions & requirements.
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Budget Friendly
You don't have to worry about running out of the budget. Our plans always take clients' budget into consideration in the first place.
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Risk Management
Risks are not dangerous. It's just dangerous when poorly managed. We take measure to ensure that risks are well under management.
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About Us

We are trusted by more than 6,800 clients

As a consulting agency, our reputation means everything. We show our trusted badge and promotion in our index of for-hire professionals. Once making decision, you can contact us for a consulting call.
Creative Framework
We use the most modern & creative framework for all of our consulting processes.
Online Transactions
All of the online transactions are considered the same as over-the-counter transactions.
Zero Risk
All of the transactions conducted with us are extremely confidential and secure.

”I’ve been collaborating with Emanuel for 5 years now and all this time he has proved he is a professional and he is able to manage any fire protection project.”

,,AVITECH has developed the Flowbird solutions catalogue to a customer oriented market solution. Flowbird is very happy to have AVITECH representing us.”

"The collaboration with AVITECH can be described as a strong partnership based on trust and confidence that together we can implement the most complex projects.’’

AVITECH has the resources required for achieving the most complex security projects - qualified personnel, national coverage, quality solutions and services”

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