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    Satisfaction and happiness of our customers are the keys to our improvement.

    “The collaboration with AVITECH has been and still is based on understanding the context and providing solutions that meet the needs of Veolia companies in Romania, promptness and professionalism with a high degree of technical knowledge. I still rely on this collaboration to carry out the complex projects we foresee."


    Catalin Ivanov-Jucan
    Catalin Ivanov-Jucan

    “Only a few companies manage to exceed 20 years of activity in Romanian economy. AVITECH managed to do this and it is today a solid business which offers its clients the expertise proven in complex and successful projects. Concilium Consulting is honoured to be part of and contribute to AVITECH success on its journey to development”

    Vlad Nastase
    Vlad Nastase

    ”I’ve been collaborating with Emanuel for 5 years now and all this time he has proved he is a professional and he is able to manage any fire protection project.”…

    Gerald Koller
    Gerald Koller

    With a partner such as AVITECH, which is reliable, professional and focused on finding the best solution, we are certain that every project unfolded together gets us closer to our main objective - excellence in constructions”

    Catalin Visan
    Catalin Visan

    AVITECH has always provided full and fast solutions due to which we managed to establish a strong partnership for implementing our projects’’

    Stere Iancus
    Stere Iancus

    "AVITECH has an outstanding competitive potential by approaching all market segments: civil, industrial, critical infrastructure. Schrack Seconet has a significant range of equipment for special environment, thus, in this partnership we can approach together projects of huge complexity that require a high degree of safety in operation and high immunity to false alarms that can be triggered by various specific disturbing factors.”

    Alexandru Mateiciuc
    Alexandru Mateiciuc

    ”AVITECH contributed its commercial and integration capabilities and has developed the Flowbird solutions catalogue to a customer oriented market solution.”

    Steven De Croock
    Steven De Croock

    "The collaboration with AVITECH can be described as a strong partnership based on trust and confidence that together we can implement the most complex projects.’’

    Aristotel Agapie
    Aristotel Agapie

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    Success comes with a great amount of efforts, errors, courage, and hard work.

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