Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent Lighting

Comfort and Power efficiency at the same time

Because it sets the daily rhythm, light plays a very important role in our lives, whether we are working in an office building or an industrial hall, or we are at university classes or shopping in a mall. People are most comfortable in natural light.

This is why modern lighting systems include a very important component - automation and control, leading to what we call intelligent lighting.Intelligent lighting ensures balance between comfort and power consumed to sustain this well-being.

Lighting control systems are present today in a variety of smart areas, rooms or buildings in various fields of activity: office buildings, industrial or storage halls, shopping centres, museums, funfairs, sport arenas, auditorium, conferencing rooms, restaurants, hospitals, universities, airports, train stations.

AVITECH has been providing smart lighting solutions in Romania since 2004.

Advanced equipment and technologies

AVITECH solutions for lighting control are currently developed based on systems, equipment and software produced by Finnish company Helvar, one of the most important producers in the world on the speciality market.

Helvar designs scalable and open DALI systems to be integrated in the electric installations of the building, in BMS systems.

These smart systems contribute to reducing the costs with power by up to 75%, being able to identify the actual unused areas, to report the degree of rooms’ occupancy, to automatically adjust to the manner in which these are used, as well as to the weather conditions outside, due to their sensors.

They benefit from a 24/7 digital service of monitoring and maintaining which provides alerts and notifications in case of malfunctions, as well as their position in the system, for quick identification and settlement.

Helvar light control systems are represented by the range of equipment:

Imagine - efficient and scalable DALI system intended for a wide range of application

ActivAhead – wireless DALI system, scalable and with artificial intelligence (AI) features, proper to be installed in office areas, inner staircases, storage areas, parking lots, areas where a cut in power consumption is sought.

RoomSet – DALI system for lighting control in rooms, repetition rooms, such as classrooms, meeting rooms, hospital wards.

Full services. Turnkey projects

For lighting control automation solutions, AVITECH offers a full range of services for Video surveillance:: Lighting design, Electrical installation design, Equipment procurement, Installation, Programming, Maintenance and Technical Support.

In order to improve power efficiency, AVITECH integrates intelligent lighting systems with the system BMS, but with other installations and systems as well.

Reference works

Helvar intelligent lighting systems are integrated in important international projects such as University of Bath, New Children’s HospitalDubai Frame, Muzeul Olimpic. Hotelul Marina Bay Sands din Singapore. Dubai Mall, Aeroportul din Istanbul,

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