Sound and public-address systems with Bosch Plena

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  • Bosch Plena este un sistem de sonorizare si adresare publica destinat aplicatiillor de mici dimensiuni precum magazine, showroom-uri, receptii, boutique hoteluri sau pensiuni, sali de fitness, restaurante, cafenele;
  • Poate fi configurat sa acopere simultan pana la 8 zone si programat pentru toate tipurile de aplicatii (muzica live, de fundal, anunturi);
  • Foarte competitiv din punct de vedere pret/calitate, flexibil, suficient de puternic si atinge performante audio foarte bune;

Researches show that in the areas with background musicthe atmosphere is found to be extremely pleasant for clients and consumers, which fosters sales and accordingly, guarantees a successful business..

With a professional audio system,of outstanding quality, shopping areas can now be transformed into environments which trigger positive feelings, special meeting places where people feel good and share pleasant experiences.

AVITECH has a long experience in providing public address and sound (PA/VA/GGM) and has installed hundreds of systems for various types of applications.

AVITECH solutions for public address and sound are currently designed based on Boschthe most important producer of such systems, in the world.

Bosch commercial systems distinguish themselves by flexibility and superior audio performancesThey provide various digital means of control and a wide range of acoustic enclosures, adjusted to the most demanding usage environments.

High quality, reliable and durable equipment

The most valued range of equipment for small and medium sized applications is Bosch Plena, used especially for sound, public address and evacuation in locations such as shopping centres, stores, showrooms, receptions, exhibition areas, boutique, hotels or guesthouses, fitness centres, restaurants, cafes, bars, breweries, schools, churches, museums, factories, warehouses.

Highly competitive from a price/quality ratio point of viewBosch Plena proves to be flexible, strong enough and achieves outstanding audio performances. It can be set to cover up to 8 areas , simultaneously, and it can be programmed for all types of applications:

  • music live;
  • background music;
  • announcement (public address), remarkable speech intelligibility, even in noisy environments - quality specific only to Bosch brand;
  • Digitally pre-recorded messages, automatic distribution;
  • Evacuation in case of emergency (voice alarm), the system being EN54-16 certified..

A special feature of Bosch Plena system is electrical power saving, very important in environments where a great amount of energy is consumed, such as hotels, restaurants, shopping centres or offices. D class power amplifiers within Plena matrix are fitted with Auto Standbyoperating mode, which is activated when Bosch presence sensors detect unoccupied areas. Thus, energy savings of up to 80% are encountered by comparison to standard audio amplifiers.

For versatility and easy usage, the control of digital audio matrix Plena is wireless, by mobile applications for iPhone and iPad. Remote audio and volume adjustments can be performed, depending on areas.

A very important role in establishing high audio performances is also played by the premium acoustic enclosures which are installed at the same time with Plena matrix. Bosch Corporation is known for the variety and quality of the acoustic enclosures it produces. The portfolio includes acoustic enclosures both for inside and outside usage, various architectural versions, ceiling speakers, cabinet type, columns, sound projectors, bugles, active systems. line array.

BOSCH Praesensa
BOSCH Praesensa este un sistem de adresare publica si alarmare vocala destinat aplicatiilor de dimensiuni medii si mari precum universitati, hoteluri,centre comerciale, aeroporturi, centrale electrice, tuneluri. Mai multe detalii aici.

BOSCH Praesideo
BOSCH Praesideo este un sistem de adresare publica si alarmare vocala care poate fi folosit in stadioane, aeroporturi, nave de croaziera, universitati, cladiri publice, centre comerciale, lacase de cult. Mai multe detalii aici.

BOSCH Paviro
BOSCH Paviro este un sistem de adresare publica si evacuare vocala destinat aplicatiilor de dimensiuni mici si medii precum birouri mici si medii, aeroporturi regionale, hoteluri de dimensiuni medii, scoli. Mai multe detalii aici.

BOSCH Plena este un sistem de adresare publica, alarmare vocala si BGM folosit in sali de fitness, hoteluri, restaurante, baruri, cafenele, scoli, lacase de cult, depozite, cladiri de birouri, sali de intalniri, muzee. Mai multe detalii aici.

Comprehensive services. Turnkey projects

AVITECH provides full range of services for the sound, public address and voice alarm systems: Consultancy, Design, Acoustic studies, Equipment supply, Installation, Programming, Maintenance and Technical Support.

We pay special attention to integrating PA/VA/BGM systems with other systems and installations of the buildings: Burglary Detection, Access ControlIntegrated Security Systems (PSIM)Fire DetectionFire Extinguishing BMS.

Reference works

Along the years, our company has implemented multiple Public Address and Voice Alarm projects, in various fields of activity, such as [Cultural Centres] Cinema “Bela Lugosi” Lugoj, Cultural Complex ”Eugen Ionescu” Slatina, [Sport Arena] Multi-purpose Arena Bucharest, Multi-purpose Arena Cluj-Napoca, Stadium Rapid Bucharest, [Shopping Centers , Retail] Altex, Kaufland, MegaMall Bucharest, ParkLake Shopping Centre Bucharest (2400 speakers), [Office buildings] Multigalaxy, Nusco Tower, [Transport] C.F. Falciu, C.F. Vicsani.

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