Fire extinguishing with inert gases in technical rooms

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The fire extinguishing systems with inert gases are used in the areas or rooms with numerous pieces of electric, electronic or IT equipment which ensures continuous operation of a company or institution.

The operating principle of the fire extinguishing systems with inert gases is based on the reduction of oxygen level, so that the combustion process is stopped.

The main inert gases used as extinguishing agents are: IG 100 (Azoth / Nitrogen), IG 541 (Inergen, it includes Azoth, Argon and Carbon Dioxide), IG 01 (Argon) and IG 55 (it includes Azoth and Argon). These natural gases are in the atmosphere, are colourless and are not electric conductors. In case of a fire source, inert gases do not decompose into toxic elements, so they are not hazardous for humans health.

The most import benefits of using fire extinguishing systems with inert gases are:

  • the speed of the extinguishing process;;
  • gases’ lack of toxicity to humans;
  • the fact that, after their discharge , there are no residues left and the affected area does not require cleaning;
  • care for the protection of the environment and of the personnel. Moreover, when discharging, the inert gases generate a lower thermal shock than the one produced by other clean extinguishing agents, the temperature does not drop suddenly in the protected area;
  • the cost for refilling the inert gases tanks is very low. The refilling process is very quick;
  • the visibility in the room during the discharge of the extinguishing agents.

The extinguishing systems with inert gases are mainly used for fire prevention inside data centres, servers’ rooms, technical rooms, for protecting the racks with servers, the data storage systems, for the protection of electrical and automation panels.

AVITECH solutions for fire extinguishing are provided through the specialised company of the Group, DEFLAMMO Fire Protectionrepresentative Wagner for Romania.


Incorporated in 1976, the German company Wagner is one of the most innovative producers of fire prevention systems on the European market and among the leading providers of fire extinguishing systems with gas.

For fire protection inside technical rooms, Wagner offers the extinguishing system FirExting, what is right operating principle stifling the source of the fire by displacing oxygen from the air around it discharges inert gasesor by depriving the fire of the heat energy it needs as with the chemical extinguishing agent Novec.

In case of fire, Wagner protection systems manage to detect the fire in an early phase by the high sensitivity aspiration system Titanus (1). This assesses, periodically, samples of the air in the room. The detection system is doubled by the existence of smoke sensors (3). Part of the fire protection system is also the acoustic and optical alarming system (5). Outside the room there are installed inert gas tanks (8), detection and extinguishing station (7), button for manually triggering the gas discharge (6). The gas is discharged by special nozzles (4).

Specific to the Wagner FirExting extinguishing systems with inert gases, inside the technical rooms hosting hard-disk storage equipment, other IT&C equipment with vibrating components, shall be installed FirExting SILENT suppressors (2) pentru reducerea presiunii sonore provocata de deversarea gazului. This solution is a VdS-approved solution for preventing data loss by hard-disk damaging.


Complete services, Turnkey projects

For the fire protection solutions, AVITECH [DEFLAMMO Fire Protection] ofera o a full range of services:: Consultancy, Design, IGSU Permit, Equipment supply, Installation, Maintenance and Technical Support.

Our company designs and installs fire protection systems in compliance with the internal IGSU norms and with the FM or VdS standards.

We pay special attention to integrating the fire detection systems with other systems and installations of the buildingsVideo SurveillanceAccess ControlIntegrated Security Systems (PSIM)Voice AlarmExtinguish FireBMS.

Reference works

Along the years, our company has implemented multiple Fire Extinguishing projects in various fields of activity, such as [Universities, Schools] Polytechnic University of Bucharest - Precis, University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca, [Shopping Centres, , Retail] Mega Mall Bucharest, ParkLake Shopping Centre Bucharest, [Office buildings] Expo Business Park Bucharest, [Financial] Generali Romania, ING,  [Industry] Liberty Galati, Sofidel Romania, Wenglor Romania.

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