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Video Surveillance

High Resolution and High-quality Video Cameras for any type of environment; Recording Systems and Video Management; Software for Data Analysis; Data Security and Protection; Dispatched Visualization Systems.

Perimeter Security

High-security Systems and Technologies; Full range of External Sensors, Barriers, Optical Fiber, Smart Fences, Radars; Alarming Systems; IP Solutions, Integration on Management Platforms.

Access Control

Vehicle, Pedestrian Access Control, Automatic Gates, Barriers, Bollards; Security Doors, Sliding, Revolving Doors, Quick Gates, Turnstiles; Electronic Access Control Systems; Biometric Systems, Systems Integration.

Time & Attendance

Simple or Integrated Electronic Timekeeping Solutions with Access Control System, Payroll System, ERP; Highlighting the Working Time of employees for Planning Tours and Holidays.

Integrated Systems

Software Platforms for integrating all Security Components and Systems, IT&C Infrastructure, Building Installations (PSIM); Extended User Interface for incident control, Detection, and Settlement.


Advanced Solutions for Control and Management of Installations and Systems in buildings - HVAC, Electrical, Security, Safety; Minimising the Operational Costs; Power Efficiency; Increasing the Comfort and Safety Degree.

Intelligent Lighting

Lighting Control Solutions; Scalable and Open DALI Systems for Integration in Electrical Installations; Wireless or Wiring Technologies; Discounts on the Electricity Consumption of up to 75%.

Fire Detection

Complete Range of Fire Detection Solutions; Fire, Smoke, Flame Detectors, Linear Heat Detection, Aspirating Detection, Thermal Video Cameras; Integration Solutions for specific applications.

Public Address

Public Address, Voice Alarm and Evacuation, Sound (PA/VA/BGM) Systems; Various Architectures, Compact Systems for small-sized applications, and Digital Platforms for complex projects.

Industrial communication

High-reliability Equipment, adjusted to the industrial environment, to connect the Production Systems; IoT Networks; Operational Communications; Solutions for Data Security, and Processes Integrity.

Data Center

Building, arranging, and fitting Data Centers; Air Conditioning; Electrical Installations; Physical Security; Fire Protection; IT&C Infrastructure; Monitoring, Control, and Infrastructure Management Solutions.


IT&C Infrastructure adjusted to the new requirements imposed by the business environment dynamic; Networks that connect everything; Local Networks; Wireless Networks, Solutions for mobility; High-security Connectivity.

Digital Signage

Complete indoor and outdoor Display Solutions: Display, Videowall; Interactive Systems; IT&C Infrastructure; Solutions for media content distribution and management; Customer Experience.


Electronic Timekeeping Solutions, simple or integrated with the Access Control System, Payroll System, ERP; emphasize the working hours of the employees to schedule shifts and leaves.


Sound Systems for Conference Rooms, Amphitheaters, Performance Halls, Sports Arenas, Shopping Malls, Airports, Railway Stations; Microphones; Amplifiers, Sound Processors, Audio Mixers; Acoustic Enclosures.

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