Integrated Systems

Integrated Systems

Sisteme Integrate

Integrated Security Systems

In case of emergency, quick evacuation of a campus, of a factory, of a building or even of an entire district, as well as prompt initiation of proper counter-measures are crucial for saving human lives and protecting the goods. In such critical situations, there has to be a previously established set of procedures and measures stabilite anterior, care sa fie aplicate rapid si coerent pentru o protectie eficienta.

Doar simultaneous and integrated management of the systems which service buildings, campuses, perimeters, special designated areas, intermodal transport centres, critical infrastructures can guarantee the success of the operations..

For such reason it is required the installation and usage of a a PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) software platform which facilitates the connection of security, safety, communication, IT, automation systems and equipment, interaction with them, as well as their control by the means of extended user interfaces. The users are able to quickly detect the incidents recorded various systems, sub-systems, devices and to solve them efficiently, based on previously approved standard procedures..

Such management software platforms - independent of the equipment and system producers, transforms the complex duty of guaranteeing the security and safety of an objective into processes that can be controlled and managed efficiently.

The major advantages of using integrated security systems are:

  • Efficient visualisation of alerts, fast and thorough presentation of the situation, immediate issuance of the set of instructions that need to be observed by the user in the emergency situation given, automation of certain measures (such as printing the evacuation maps, broadcasting the pre-recorded messages in certain areas, by the Public Address);
  • Centralised control of the Video Surveillance, automatic synchronisation of the events with the images captured, recording and exporting the images or video sequences related to the events;
  • Correlating the events with the data in the Access Controlchecking and assessing the information in the data bases, recording and archiving new data related to the event;
  • Efficient protection of the perimeter by synchronising the information received from various Intrusion Detection, video analysis, automatic interaction with them, homogenous visualisation of all pieces of information;
  • Efficient management of the emergency situations by connecting all communication systems, by alerting the personnel, as well as the intervention forces, in an automatic and prompt manner;
  • Safe evacuation of people by automating the measures required and by performing them quickly (For example, opening the evacuation doors by the means of the Access Control, guiding towards them by the means of Public Address and Voice Alarm and Digital Signage).

AVITECH has a proven experience of 15 years in designing, installing and maintaining the integrated security systems.

Our solutions are customized and adapted to the requirements of each field of activity, to the specific needs of the industries in which they are used: state owned institutions with specific security procedures; university and school campuses; administrative buildings held by municipalities, hospitals, cultural centres, museums, sport arenas; hotels; residential assemblies; shopping centres; office buildings; industrial areas, logistic areas; and not the least, crucial infrastructure in the field of utilities, transport.

For the benefit of our clients,we pay special attention to the economic component of each solution for integration suggested, in the way that we seek to reduce the implementation and usage costs , by:

  • maintaining, enhancing and interfacing systems that are already present at sites;
  • embracing new efficient technologies;
  • adding more performant and versatile sub-systems, with low operating and maintenance costs.
Leading equipment and technologies

AVITECH installs and integrates security systems, IT&Communication infrastructure, software platforms form leading producers such as Advancis, Automatic Systems, Axis, Bosch, Cisco, Commend, Honeywell, Fortinet, Fujitsu, Gamanet, Milestone, NEC dispatch, Optex, Primion, Sorhea, VuWall.

Full services. Turnkey projects

In domeniul sistemelor de securitate, AVITECH ofera o full range of services for Video surveillance:: Consulting, Design, Equipment procurement, Installation, Programming, Maintenance and Technical Support.

We pay special attention to integration of security systems, IT & Communications, building installations such as Video SurveillanceIntrusion DetectionPerimeter protection,  Access ControlFire DetectionAlarm and Evacuation, Building Management SystemSmart lighting, Communications, Informatics systems Digital Signage.

Reference works

Over time, our company has implemented integrated security systems for various companies and institutions: [Universities, Schools] Polytechnic University of Bucharest [Shopping Centers , Retail] Altex, ParkLake Shopping Center Bucharest, [Office buildings] UBC02 Iulius Town Timisoara, Floreasca Business Park, Expo Business Park, [Industry] Liberty Steel Galati.

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