Public Address

Public Address


Advanced Public Address and Voice Alarm solutions

Public Address and Voice Alarm systems (Public Address / Voice Alarm / Background Music), in case of emergency, represent an essential component of the integrated security and safety system.

They are a must in the campuses and buildings with high flow of people: office and administrative buildings, universities, hospitals, auditorium, funfairs, leisure centres, sport arenas, exhibitions, conferencing centres, hotels, shopping centres, industrial complexes, transport terminals (airports, train stations, underground, bus stations, parking lots).

AVITECH has over 15 years of experience in installing public address, voice alarm and evacuation, background music systems (PA/VA/BGM).

Top German equipment and technologies

The solutions for public address and alarm in case of emergency provided by AVITECH are based on the latest technologies and equipment produced by Bosch - global leader in the field, with more than 90 years of experience in designing and developing communication equipment, as well as Honeywell - Esser systems.

Bosch is fully established for its expertise in the field and as producer of the most reliable PA/VA/BGM systems, of high quality.

Bosch PRAESENSA – IP advanced system with a very good price/quality rate, designed for medium and large sized applications: university campuses, hotels, shopping centres, industrial areas, transport terminals.

Bosch PRAESIDEO – with more than 20000 installing across the world, it is EN54-16 certified and designed for public address, alarm in case of emergency and evacuation applications. Intended for administrative buildings, university campuses, sport arenas, large shopping centres, airports, train stations.

Bosch PAVIRO – EVAC EN54-16 certified system for small and medium sized PA/VA applications, but also for ambient music. Office buildings, schools, hotels, regional airports.

Bosch PLENA PLENA – small sized system used especially for ambient music. School, cinemas, museums, restaurants, bars, cafes, small hotels and guesthouses, conferencing centres, sport halls, warehouses.

Full services. Turnkey projects

For Public Addressing and Voice Alarm, AVITECH offers a full range of services: Consulting, Design, Equipment Procurement, Installation, Programming, Maintenance and Technical Support.

We pay special attention to integrating PA/VA/BGM systems with other systems and installations of the buildings: Burglary Detection, Access Control, Integrated Security Systems (PSIM), Fire DetectionFire Extinguishing BMS.

Reference works

Along the years, our company has implemented multiple Public Address and Voice Alarm projects, in various fields of activity, such as [Cultural Centres] Cinematograful „Bela Lugosi” Lugoj, Complexul Cultural ”Eugen Ionescu” Slatina, [Sport Arena] Multi-purpose Arena Bucharest, Multi-purpose Arena Cluj-Napoca, Stadium Rapid Bucharest, [Shopping Centers , Retail] Altex, Kaufland, MegaMall Bucharest, ParkLake Shopping Centre Bucharest (2400 speakers), [Office buildings] Multigalaxy, Nusco Tower, [Transport] C.F. Falciu, C.F. Vicsani.

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